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What is Kimchi?

Kimchi is a purposefully creative combination of carefully selected, highest quality fresh vegetables, culinary herbs and spices, which, ...with the addition of natural salt and pure water, some friendly organisms and suitable temperature,transforms...

Perfectly cultured, ...because the word "fermented" hardly does justice to the intricate alchemical processes that occurred within a few days,...   Kimchi becomes: ....an ingredient, a food, a condiment, a digestive aid, a snack, a stuffing, a satisfying addition to soups, sauces, sandwiches, sumptuous main courses, and more. 

Kimchi gives a feeling of satiety because it is bursting with nutrient-dense taste. Some new nutrients have evolved out of this wonderful process of culturing. Others like vitamin B and C have increased because of the culturing process.

Kimchi is not new to us. Before canning and freezing, many more people made their own cultured products to preserve foods and extend the life of their produce and undoubtedly their own longevity too. We have come full circle with the rediscovery of a miracle food that used to be part of a healthy diet for many populations in ages past.

Every batch of kimchi we make is slightly different from the previous batch. Availability of the various vegetable ingredients makes it difficult to use exactly the same proportions of vegetables with each batch. As the seasons change, some vegetables become scarce, and we use different ingredients. Quality Brassicas are the vegetables of choice for our kimchis and so we are almost always busy with some expansion of our own big garden. We strive to bring you a unique taste experience with each different flavour and colour creation of kimchi that we make.


We live on a farm in the Overberg with our many children and many pets. We enjoy life as natural as possible and in harmony with the wildlife and beautiful surroundings..