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Our Products

We create several different tasting Kimchi products, using seasonal vegetables of the highest quality we can source. We love using our own produce wherever possible, which is "truganic", meaning it is beyond "organic".

The color variations in the Kimchi is created by the natural coloring present in the vegetable ingredients themselves, except for the Curry Kimchi which contains turmeric.

We offer a Veg Kimchi, which is simply vegetables cultured with mild herbs and spices. Beetroot gives the Veg Kimchi its distinctive pink colour.

We have a Curry Kimchi, which is lightly curry-flavoured with all the benefits of anti-inflammatory turmeric, and our own blend of spices that give it exotic eastern flavors, along with cranberry, which has long been regarded for its benefit in supporting the urinary system.

Our Spicy Kimchi is also created using seasonal vegetables, including kale. The lightly spicy flavors are our own blend of herbs and spices with specially grown mild chillies from our own garden. Whilst adding spice to the meal, it is not too hot for most of the family's palate.

Our Sauerkraut is made from fresh green cabbages with a hint of carrot to add a subtle sweet note to an ancient yet well-known cultured food.

Our Dilled Cucumbers are very simply and deliciously cultured with garlic and natural herbs and spices. They are a great addition to salads, and sandwiches and an awesome finger food for any occasion.

  • Our frozen Burgers
  • We have introduced our own range of frozen burgers:
  • The Thai Vegetable Burger is vegan and gluten free. It is a flavourful combination of vegetables and rice, delicate spices and dates.
  • The Savory Lentil Burger is vegetarian (contains egg). It combines lentils and buckwheat (an alkalizing 'grain') with just the right combination of vegetables, herbs and spices, to create a meaty burger without the meat.
  • Watch this space for our 2 new flavors ....coming soon!

Our prices are not the lowest you will find and here's why: We do not choose the cheapest ingredients! We choose quality first. We have made it our policy to not sell a product that we would not be proud to serve at our own table. If at all possible, ingredients are organic. If not available, we choose the very best bio friendly ingredients. We know that cheap does not equate with nutrient density and mineral content in the ingredients.

Our Products are alive!

Bubbliness in a product normally is regarded as a sign of decay and the product is discarded, but with cultured foods, air bubbles in your product is not a bad sign at all. After initial culturing, further fermentation is slowed down by the lowering of the temperature when refrigerated. This helps extend the product's useful life, however there are times when you may forget to replace something in the refrigerator and your Sauerkraut, Kimchi or Dilled Cucumbers may have a few air bubbles in the jar. Just release the pressure by opening the jar over the sink and resealing it and return it to the refrigerator for storage. Most cultured foods have quite a long shelf life (in the refrigerator). Kimchi, Sauerkraut, Dilled Cucumbers and Kombucha will last for many months from date of manufacture without any spoilage.


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We live on a farm in the Overberg with our many children and many pets. We enjoy life as natural as possible and in harmony with the wildlife and beautiful surroundings..