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Benefits of  Eating Kimchi...

Kimchi has been touted by many as a health food, and a super healing food because of its amazingly positive effect on the digestive system. Many report improvements in their bowel function because of the inclusion of naturally fermented or cultured foods in their daily diet.

The enzyme content of cultured food is higher than in the ingredients themselves which is great for regeneration processes within the body. Much of our own microbiota has been disturbed sometime or another by the use of antibiotics in medicines, foods and drinks where we would least expect them to be found. Digestion is compromised when our gut flora is compromised. Eating cultured food can greatly enhance our digestion by supporting healthy gut flora to flourish again.

Cultured foods form an integral part in supporting immunity, especially where the use of round-up and GMO foods have caused damage to the mucosal linings of the gastointestinal tract, which are responsible for sustaining the life of our microbiota.

Cultured foods include: Kimchi, Sauerkraut, Rejuvelac, Kefir, Sourdough (for making bread), Kvas, and many more.

Kimchi is a beauty food due to its nutrient density and high enzyme content. Some cultured food should be eaten every day and can be eaten at every meal if desired.


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