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About Kombucha

Kombucha is an ancient, slightly sweet and sour elixir originating in Asia. Traditionally made with black tea and sugar, it can also be made with Green Tea and other teas. The culture used to make kombucha is called a scoby – (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). The scoby ferments the tea and after this process is completed, you are left with a nutritional and gut-healing powerhouse, which tastes great – slightly sweet and sour.

Glucuronic acid is formed in the process of kombucha making, and it has been said to assist with liver function.

Beneficial bacteria and yeast are also part of the health-giving benefits of kombucha, said to aid the digestive system.

Besides the healthy benefits, naturally carbonated kombucha is also a tasty recreational drink for all occasions and can be enjoyed on its own or in smoothie recipes and sauces to create all sorts of delectables.

What about the caffeine?

The caffeine content of the kombucha tea and sugar combination is reduced to one third during the culturing process, which leaves a cup of kombucha with 3.4mg caffeine content per 100ml, much lower than even a cup of black tea.

What about the sugar?

The sugar used to make kombucha is used to feed the scoby and therefore it also feeds the beneficial bacteria and yeast in the kombucha. There are only 1 to 2 grams sugar per cup of plain kombucha, which is not a lot of sugar.

Our flavours:

"Original" kombucha is just the same centuries-old recipe brewed to perfection!

"Green Tea" kombucha is made with the highest quality green tea available, and full of antioxidants.

"Rose Hip" kombucha is made with rose hips to boost the liver supporting qualities of kombucha.

"Blueberry Cherry" kombucha is made with real fruits of blueberry and cherry.

"Weight Loss" kombucha contains fat-burning herbs and hoodia for extra help in burning calories.

"Ginseng" kombucha combines all the benefits of the original recipe with the amazing adaptogenic qualities of more than 5 different ginseng varieties of the world to naturally boost energy.


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